Hello October …

Hellooo !

Wow , October already ! I know you’ve probably heard this over and over again already, but I honestly can’t believe how quick this year is going!

I absolutely love this time of year! The cosy clothes start to come out, the cosy nights in, and plenty more hot drinks. And who doesn’t love how pretty the leaves falling look?

Ireland is starting to have the proper Autumn feel recently, all of a sudden it’s starting to get a lot colder, and a lot harder to get out of bed in the mornings!

My favourite thing about this time of year has to be the candles though, the scents that come out this time of year are delicious and they give such a cosy feeling on the nights in. I’m a huge fan of sweet scents this time of year, so the house basically smells like a bakery!

October is an exciting month this year, and also a chance to set some goals for the month…

Personal Goals

I started back on slimming world last week, so one of my goals this month is to stick to it and do as well as I did last year. So my goal is to loose another stone at least, by Christmas. I’ve gained a lot more self belief in the last few months, so I’m doing this so I can be an even more confident and happier in myself next year.

One thing I want to do this month is to get into a habit of starting to save a little out of payday every week towards spending money for next year’s holiday. I’m booking it this month so that’s my motivation, so exciting! If I can recommend one thing to get through the downers the weather this time of year put you in, is to book a holiday for next year and have something to look forward to.

Is the pumpkin spice latte all that’s it’s hyped up to be? I definitely need to find out this month.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of scary movies, until recently, and the thoughts of going to a haunted house where it’ll be like a horror movie in real life, where there’ll more than likely be my worst fear, clowns? Ummm, usually I would have said noooo thank you! But this month I’m going to a place called the Nightmare Realm and conquering these fears!

Work Goals

To become more confident and start believing in myself that I’m good at my job. I want to bring my creative side out coming up to Halloween and come up with some fun sensorial based and art and craft based activities.

I want to start being more organised and start planning ahead, instead of my usual habit of last minute scrambling.

These are important for me because I feel like if I start to be more organised and plan ahead, I can start to feel more at ease and that’ll be a real confidence booster.

Blog Goals

My goals for this month with the blog is to start getting organised with blogging, if anybody has any tips on this please do let me know. I’m going to get myself a cute little notebook and start writing down ideas for posts, because that one thing I’m terrible at, and then the ideas end up going out of my head before I can write them down!

I’d love to gain my first 30 followers on the blog, maybe even 50, by the end of this month. I currently have 28 of you lovely followers, so I’d really appreciate if any of you could help me out with that.

Thanks for reading. I’m excited to read some of your goals for this month too so make sure you link them to me!

Laura x

51 thoughts on “Hello October …

  1. itsbeccajayne says:

    When it comes to being organised with your blog, I normally draft a ton of posts when I’m feeling most inspired and then schedule them (I blog twice a week). I also need to put some money aside for savings too! Great goals and post lovely. X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kirstyhoggons says:

    I also need to be a bit healthier, not just this month but as a long term goal. Pumpkin spice lattes? YES! Definitely worth it 🙂 A cute notebook where you put your idea and plan when you’re going to upload posts is just what you need x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hannah says:

    Love this post 🙂 This is a great post to do each month and set out goals that you hope to achieve!

    Hannah | alongsidehannah.blogspot.co.uk


  4. hughsie says:

    Good luck with the slimmin world, been doing it a month and lost 5lbs which I am so happy with!

    Great post thanks for sharing x


  5. Nena says:

    This year has flown! I need to get organized with my blog, too. Things get so hectic:p I like to use a planner to help me get organized. Hope you reach all your goals and dreams!


  6. alittlereader says:

    Great goals! Everybody keeps saying it’s October and every time I hear it I can’t believe it either! This year has went soooo fast. Keep going for your goals girl, your doing great 🙂


      • Eliza says:

        I’m a little obsessed with them tbh haha but I know lots of people think they’re over-hyped! You definitely need to at least try one so you know for yourself though!! Hope your teeth start feeling better soon – dental work is the worst! x


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