Kylie Lipkits – Worth The Hype?


I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now so I’m so excited to finally share it with you all.

So I’m sure you’ve heard all the hype around the Kylie Lipkits, right? You’d have to be living under a rock not to, everyone seems to be going crazy for them! I’m a sucker for new makeup products so of course I had to jump on the bandwagon and get my hands on these Lipkits.

The Lipkits are $29/€26/£23 each and include a matte liquid lipstick and also a lip pencil. International shipping costs $14.95/€13.57/£12.24. Not cheap, I know, and you have to also be aware of the possibility of customs charges, which happened to me with my second order, which was €22.50, crazy! So it ended up costing me over €100 for 3 Lipkits!

So a couple of months back when they first came out, I managed to find out the time and date of one of the restocks, and made sure I was on the website on time and had already created account and signed in so that I could be super quick adding them to my cart. I was able to get my hands on the shades I wanted, which I’m going to talk about and show you swatches. They arrive with a little printed card from Kylie, and very nicely packaged. I’ll insert a picture below… img_8150


The first shade was the Lipkit I wanted the most, Koko K. This is by far one of my favourite lipsticks, the perfect everyday shade. It’s so comfortable to wear it feels like you’re wearing nothing on your lips and it doesn’t budge, it literally lasts all day. It’s a gorgeous pink nude shade, and as you can see from the swath, very pigmented. You can see it’s my favourite because I’m getting close to running out of the lip liner, so I need to repurchase very soon!


The next shade I added to my basket is this another nude shade, but a lot darker than Koko K. This one is Posie K, a dusky pink shade. I love this shade, it’s going to be one of my favourites for the autumn/winter season. I love this shad but I was expecting it to be a lot pinker than it is, it’s actually more on the brown toned side. But still a pretty shade!



The last one I added to my basket for my first purchase was the shade 22. I was absolute loving this for the summer months, I wore it most nights out on holiday. It’s a gorgeous orange toned red, and goes beautifully with a orange or copper eyeshadow in the summer. It’s probably me second favourite shade and still one of my favourites for a going out at night look. It lasts all night and, yes, totally kiss proof, it doesn’t budge an inch, winning!


That’s all for my first purchase. It only took 2 weeks to arrive and I was lucky this time and didn’t get a nasty customs charge. Then of course she added some new summer shades, and with my holiday coming up, I couldn’t resist making another purchase. Because if you don’t treat yourself then who will, right?

I added 2 of this shade to my basket,  one for myself, and one as a little present to my mum. And is it another nude shade? You know it is. You can never have too many nude shades. This one is called Exposed. It’s a peachy-brown nude, but looks more on the brown side on lighter complexions, like mine. But what I do love about it is that because of the tones in the shade, it makes my blue eyes pop.


And finally, my first ever metallic liquid lipstick. This is called Heir, a peachy toned metallic nude. I wouldn’t really go as far as saying it’s metallic, but it has a pretty sheen to it. I’ll be honest and say I haven’t worn this at all really, which I’m disappointed about because it was one of the Lipkits I was most excited for, especially for my holiday. I found it didn’t apply very well on the lips and looked more like a lipgloss and made my lips look very pale. It didn’t last well at all and the applicator isn’t as good as the Lipkits. I feel like I might like it a little bit more if I use a darker shade lipliner with it, so I’ll keep you updated. If anyone has any other suggestions please do let me know because I really do want to love this shade. This Lipkit was cheaper too as it doesn’t come with a lipliner, so it costs $18/€16/£15.


Now for my final thoughts…

So are the Kylie Lipkits worth all that the hyped up to be? For the most part, yes! They’re super pigmented so they last a long ass time. They last all day/night and totally smudge-proof, they literally don’t budge! You only need a light layer to get the coverage so it’s very comfortable on the lips and aren’t drying and don’t start to flake off like some matte liquid lipsticks tend to. And the variety of shades that are now available are gorgeous, there’s a shade to suit everyone, any complexion, any event/time and any season as Kylie brings out shades for each season. If she brings out Christmas shades I’ll be getting my hands on them for sure! And it’s a bonus that now there’s now no waiting around for restocks and rushing to get your hands on them as most of the shades are now available most of the time and restocked very regularly. I highly recommend any of the Lipkit shades, but I’d stay away from the metals. As the shipping is quite pricey on top of the risk of customs charge, if you’re going to order them, definitely order more than one product to make the shipping worth the price.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

Laura x


let me know if you have made a purchase already or planning on making a purchase.           Also I’m just 7 followers from reaching my first 50 followers on the blog, which is one of my goals for this month, so I’d really appreciate any help with that, thanks so much in advance lovelies!



33 thoughts on “Kylie Lipkits – Worth The Hype?

  1. itsbeccajayne says:

    This review has really come at the right time for me because I’ve been looking at getting a Kylie lip kit for SO long and I’m super glad they’re paginated. I’m also glad that they’re reasonably priced, it’s just the postage that puts me off completely! Great post and great review though lovely. X


  2. Sophie says:

    I’ve never understood the hype but gosh shade 22 looks gorgeous! Might have to save up and get myself and a friend one for Christmas if they restock well in the future! Thanks for the tip of ordering a few to make the shipping worth it!

    Also lovely photos with the fairy lights! xx


  3. chasingmydesire says:

    I’ve recently purchased lipkits for the first time and even though they were expensive and a pain to get delivered, they were 100% worth it!


  4. Lisa says:

    Oh if I could stomach the delivery cost and the potential customs charges I would.They look so great, but I think Kylie needs to get a UK stockist asap!! Great review! It was very well written.

    Lisa |

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kayleigh Zara says:

    I’ve heard really good things about the kits but I also know many people who have had bad experiences with company too! I think I’ll invest in one to see myself x


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