Blogmas #6- A DIY Gift Idea

Ho Ho Ho 3 more sleeps to go!

Hi lovelies!

So I’m going to be totally honest and say this year I’m doing Christmas on a budget… like a lot of you also are I’m sure, so instead of struggling to get a present for all my nearest and dearest, I decided that it would be best to get creative with some DIY gifts which would be cute, and also keep my bank account from crying.

This is an idea I thought I’d share with you all, in case you were also looking for a last minute DIY gift idea. It might not be for everyone, but the people that I have created these gifts for are big chocolate lovers, and tea lovers, so they’ll be absolutely delighted that they have this gift to use for their morning tea or coffee.

So first, i ordered some cellophane and pull ribbon bows from Amazon, which you can get your hands on here and here. Super handy for making up Christmas hampers!

I then headed to my local pound shop and bought some candy canes, which came in a pack of 10 for only €1.50, perfect for decoration! I also picked up a tub of Cadbury’s hot chocolate and a packet of mini marshmallows, also for only €1.50.

I got two of the cups I used from Primark, for only €3 each, so they were super affordable. They are the Santa one, and the one with the heart, so cute! i added gifts with both of these as they were for two of my closest friends, but you don’t necessarily have to.


So first, I cut up the sizes I needed of the cellophane, I then scooped about 3 tablespoons of hot chocolate powder into one of the smaller pieces of cellophane, and then tied it with a piece of the end of the pull ribbon, which means that the strings on the ribbon being so long worked out well as that meant they would match.


I then took a handful of the mini marshmallows and placed them into the middle of a smaller piece of cellophane, and tied it up the same way.


I then stuffed the cups with the paper that they came wrapped up in, so that you could actually see the hot chocolate and marshmallows. i then placed them on top of the paper and added a candy cane on the side for a little festive decoration, or to be eaten or used in the hot chocolate.


I then wrapped the cup up in the cellophane and then added the pull ribbon bow around the top, leaving a bit of cellophane in a bunch at the top, and there you go, a cute little DIY gift, which most people will love.


So that’s two of my friends sorted for Christmas, and they absolutely loved them. So I then went out and bought three matching cups from Homestore And More, which also turned out super affordable for only €4 each, and how cute are they? I love polka dots and the colors look so festive! I created the exact same gift for three of my cousins who are sisters, so here’s how they turned out, so happy with them!


Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed this post, I loved putting it together! And can we just appreciate that there was little or no editing on these photos? Natural lighting was on point today! Please let me know if you created your own DIY gifts!

Happy almost Christmas!



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