Blogmas #3 – A Weekend Vlog

Hi lovelies!

So one of my goals for this month was to vlog for the first time ever. I set this as a goal as I have a little handful of youtubers who vlog that I enjoy watching, and Vlogmas has made me want to vlog especially now because the festive season is my favorite time of year. Last weekend I went down to Cork to visit one of my besties Claire who I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times so I thought it would be the perfect time for my first vlog.

I arrived on Friday evening after work on the train, we chilled at Claire’s house and then headed up to a friend’s house nearby. We had a catchup over a cup of tea, which is why we didn’t vlog it because honestly it was nothing interesting to see. We then came home and got into our pj’s and watched the Late Late Toy Show (if you’re Irish, you’ll know…) which again we didn’t vlog but we took some snapchats which I inserted.

On the Saturday we headed into Cork City Centre and did some shopping and had to have a hot chocolate from Costa. After shopping we headed up to the Christmas market, which honestly was nothing great, but hey, you can’t expect anything amazing here in Ireland really. Which is why I wish I lived in the UK most of the time haha. I’m actually highly hoping I spend Christmas somewhere different at some point, Edinburgh or New York are at the top of my list, they look incredible at Christmas! We got mini donuts at the market with melted nutella on top, just because they looked too delicious to resist, and a treat is allowed at the weekend, and Christmas means carbs, right?

We then came home and got ready to go out that night, and headed out to a place called Reardans in Cork. I highly recommend going there if you live in or visit Cork, the downstairs pub area is very spacious and they have a stage for live music. There’s a nightclub with 2 part to it upstairs then, we only got to go into the first part called The Hidden Attic which was really nice, the upstairs parts called The Secret Garden was way too packed to go up to, and there was a queue a mile long, so we stayed put. But the atmosphere was great and the drinks were very reasonably priced so it’s a place I very much plan on visiting again.

On the Sunday, as you can imagine, we just wanted to laze around, it’s needed after a night out. So we didn’t even bother making Breakfast, we headed out for brunch and then we just chilled for the day as I was getting my train home that afternoon.That pretty much sums up the weekend, without giving too much away before you watch the vlog. It was a great weekend I can’t wait to get back down to Cork again.

Anyway enough rambling, I hope you enjoyed reading, and if you want to, you can head on over and watch the vlog, if you do please let me know what you think, and if you’d like to see more vlogs. I don’t think it’s a bad first attempt considering it was just filmed on my iPhone, I’m so excited for you all to see it, so grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Laura x

5 thoughts on “Blogmas #3 – A Weekend Vlog

  1. possiblysami says:

    aw well done on the amazing vlog. it’s so lovely to see you and lot’s of other people vlog, something that I would love to do but can’t imagine myself aha! love this post and your vlog! x

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