Spring Lush Haul

Hi Lovelies ! 🙂

Hope everyone is doing good, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted it’s been crazy busy lately! So it feels good to be posting again, an this time I’ve got another Lush haul for you all. I picked up some of the Spring range too which I am loving, fresh scents have been my absolute favorite lately! Especially at this time of year, along with fruity, tropical scents.

Right, lets start with some of the products I’ve tried for the first time…
I picked up these two because they both reminded me of that holiday scent, super super Summery and delicious. I had a bath using the two of these together and oh my goodness I have never had a nicer bath, ever. It felt so relaxing and the smell was the nicest scent I think I’ve ever smelt, it could definitely be a Summer fragrance! *insert heart eye emoji here*

Big Blue

This bath bomb is definitely one I will be purchasing again and definitely one I would recommend for you to add to  your collection. The scent literally screams Summer and holidays, as it simply just smells exactly like the sea, and has little bits of seaweed inside that exfoliate your skin at the same time, and it turns your bath the prettiest blue color and leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling like you’ve just been at the beach.


Sunnyside Bubble Bar 

This scent won me over and became my new favorite the second I smelt it, incredible! It again literally screams Summer and the beach! It smells of coconut with hints of pineapple and those kind of scents, but mainly coconut. So if you love these scents like me, definitely pick this one up! It left my skin feeling so soft and moisturized as the middle of this bubble bar is cocoa butter, another favorite of mine. I can’t recommend this one enough, especially combined with the Big Blue bath bomb.


Intergalactic Bath Bomb

This is one of my all time favorite bath bombs, I use this one all year round. I love the minty scent, its so refreshing. It’s such a beautiful bath bomb too, it turns your bath into a galaxy basically, a really pretty dark blue/purple color and so sparkly too, like stars. I would highly recommend this one, it’s absolutely stunning! It’s also mesmerizing to watch, when you pop it in the bath it explodes a dark blue color, then the other beautiful colors you can see around the edges start to come out and swirl around the top of the bath.


And now for the new additions to the collection that I haven’t tried before…

Lava Lamp

This one I’ve heard a lot of hype about and I was buzzing to see it in the store, and it was the first one that the girl helping me recommended to me, it smells very orangey and citrusy. I can’t wait to try this because apparently the purple bits in this one make your bath look like a lava lamp, and I can see this one being very good and moisturizing for the skin because of all the oils in it.


Avo-Bath Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is another very fresh, clean scent. It smells gorgeous, like freshly cut grass, so it would remind you of Spring/Summer and being out in the fresh air. This bath bomb has avacado included in it so I can see it being very fresh and so so good for the skin. I’m very excited to use this one, probably in the morning time as a fresh wake-me-up bath. I would also combine this with the next bubble bar I’m going to mention, they would smell incredible together.


Green Bubble Bar

I fell in love with the scent of this one instantly, super fresh, probably the freshest one out of all of the scents. I can see this one making you smell really clean so again, I would probably use this one in the morning. It’s scent allover is lemongrass, absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to try this and mix it with Avo-Bath, it’s gonna be an incredible combination!


Honey-Bee Bath Bomb

My love for sweet scents came right back when I smelled this one, oh my goodness, heaven! It’s nowhere near sickeningly sweet, but just the right amount. If you love sweet smells, but not the biggest fan of the really strong sweet scents, I highly recommend this one. I’m not crazy about honey, but this scent is just delicious.


Twilight Bath Bomb

This one was also recommended to me by the girl in the store, and I’m so looking forward to using this at night. I can see it being super relaxing as I believe it makes your bath look like the night sky, and the lavender scent is beautiful, but again, not too strong. I’m glad the girl recommended this to me because I had heard it was a lavender scent which in general I’m not too keen on, but I actually really like this one. It looks ridiculously pretty with the stars and moon on it!


You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt/Oil

This one I picked up simply because it just smelt incredible, I genuinely need a shower gel with this scent, I’m in love! Haven’t decided yet which bubble bar or bath bomb to pair it with yet, but even on it’s own it would make the water smell amazing. As you can tell by the name, it has mango scent, again, super Summery and tropical. But actually to me it smells like watermelon too, my favorite, yum! (Note to Lush – please make a product with a watermelon scent, thanks!). The oils in this will be so nice on the skin too so I’m very much looking forward to using this.



This was recommended to me when I asked about an exfoliator that would be very gentle as I have very sensitive skin. The girl tested it on my hand in store and it made my skin feel so soft and moisturized at the same time. The cocoa butter in this one is so handy because it’s doing two jobs at once, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. It’s also super gentle on the skin, it didn’t irritate my skin at all or feel rough like most exfoliators tend to. The cocoa butter also smells gorgeous so if, like me, it’s one of your favorite scents and you have very sensitive skin, try this one out.


Aaaand that’s it for now, should keep me going for a while haha ! My poor bank account! But let’s be honest, you simply can’t go into Lush and just pick up one or two things can you ? whooops !

Hope you enjoyed reading guys… let me know your opinions or favorite products or any recommendations in the comments or on..

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Thanks for reading!  🙂
Laura x

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