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So if you’ve read my “Welcome To My Blog” post, you’ll know by now that I’m a huge fan of Lush. They have hands down some of the best bath, shower and skincare products, and they make you feel and smell amazing. I picked up some of their Valentine’s Day range along with a few other bits this month so I thought you all might like a blog post on a haul and review of some of them… enjoy!

Rub Rub Rub

I picked this up because I wanted a gentle scrub to exfoliate my skin as I have quite sensitive skin. I was drawn to this one for obvious reasons, I mean, look how pretty it is! The scent is also to die for if, like me, you love floral scents. If you also have sensitive skin I would highly recommend this one because it’s so gentle on your skin and doesn’t irritate it at all, and leaves your skin so soft and feeling and smelling amazing.


Rose Jam / Prince Charming Shower Gels

If you’re a lover of sweet and floral scents, you need these shower gels your life! The Prince Charming shower gel is a very pretty bright pink color and has a slight sparkle to it which looks so nice and it feels so nice on the skin as it is more of a shower cream so it leaves your skin feeling so lovely, the only thing I will say is it is extremely sweet scented so you would only like this product if you’re a fan of sweet scents.

The Rose Jam shower gel is by far my favorite, but unfortunately only part of the Christmas range and was on sale so I picked it up. It has a less extreme sweet scent, and more of a very pretty rose scent, and what I absolutely love about this product is that the scent really stays on your skin so you get out of the shower feeling and smelling beautiful.I only managed to get the small bottle as that was all that was left so fingers crossed Lush stock them next Christmas!





Lover Lamp

This bath bomb looked and smelled really pretty in the shop when I bought it, but it wouldn’t be one that I’d highly recommend after I’ve used it. It had a nice orange scent and pretty little hearts that float around the bath, but didn’t smell very strong or make the water look very nice, I liked it but it just wouldn’t be up there with my favorites.


Tisty Tosty

This bath bomb is gorgeous, definitely one of my favorites, highly recommend it if you want to have a proper relaxing bath with candles etc. This one leaves the water clear and some bubbles as it’s fizzing up, and has a gorgeous floral scent and leaves really pretty flowers floating around the bath so it feels really luxurious. I would recommend using this bath bomb with a bubble bar or bubble bath as it just leaves the water completely clear.


Roses All The Way

This looks so pretty and smells just as pretty, as you can probably guess by looking at it, it has a rose scent. I’m so sad they’re only part of the Valentine’s Day collection because I absolutely fell in love when I used it! It feels so lovely and smooth on the skin and I was surprised how well it lathers up with bubbles. I’ve never used a soap in the shower as I’ve always used shower gels, but I’m so glad I tried it now, can’t recommend this product enough, absolutely beautiful!


Unicorn Horn

This beauty is by far my favorite Lush product, the lavender scent is to die for! It leaves your skin and the bathroom smelling absolutely incredible! You need this bubble bar in your life basically. The lavender in it also gives you that feel good feeling as I was told by the staff in Lush that if you’re feeling down or having a bad day, have a bath using this. I love bubble bars more than bath bombs because the more bubbles the better… just me? It is also like a bath bomb too  though because it turns the water a pretty pink color, and you can get 2-3 baths from it if you break it up, which makes this product even better! the only downfall is, I’m pretty sure this is only limited edition for Valentines Day and that makes me so sad!


That’s all I’ve got for now from Lush but I will definitely be going back for more products soon so please let me know if you would like another haul and more reviews, and please let me know if there is any products that you would recommend or would like me to review. I hope you enjoyed reading, I tried to keep the reviews short and sweet but let me know if you would like the next one to be more detailed.

Thanks for reading lovelies!

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