Welcome To My Blog

Hey guys ­čÖé

Welcome to my blog !

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now , so I’ve finally decided to go for it , so I really hope anyone reading enjoys it. The blog is going to be based around the things I’m passionate about, which are mainly beauty, make up, skincare, Lush products and some baking and travel thrown in too. I’ll be doing some reviews , hauls , recommendations on some products I’ve enjoyed and I think you might enjoy. I’m also very passionate about spreading positivity around body image , self confidence and happiness in general so there will be some posts around those.

And now a little bit about me…

I’m 22 and from Dublin , Ireland , and as you can probably already tell I spend way too much money on Lush and beauty products , it can’t be just me though , right ?

I don’t want to ramble too much and bore anyone with my first post , so I’m gonna leave it at this…

New posts will be up very soon , hopefully a couple of times a week , so I hope you all enjoy them , and if anyone has any of their own product recommendations or any products they would like a review on , or even any advice or opinions , please feel free to get in touch in the comments or on my twitter @CallMeLauraaaa.

See you all soon ,

Laura x

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