Ibiza Fun !

Hi lovelies ! 

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend ! 🙂

So this Summer , back in July , I took a trip to Ibiza with one of my besties , Claire , who’s blog is right here , go show her some love https://clairebearscorner2016.wordpress.com/ 🙂

We spent a week there and had some amazing experiences and made some unforgettable memories, and met some of the best people.

We stayed at the Hotel Marco Polo II , which was cheap and cheerful, and the perfect location. It was literally a minute walk from everything including the beach. But at the same time it was also far away enough from all the bars and clubs that it was quiet, and let you get some sleep after a long night , ha ! If the location of a hotel is more appealing to you rather than how fancy the hotel is , like it was to us , I’d highly recommend this hotel.




Where to eat …

The top places I’d recommend for food…

  • Ibiza Rocks (the sweet potato fries and ribs are to DIE for!)
  • Cafe Mambo
  •  a cute little cheap and cheerful place that do lovely diner and breakfast called La Cantina Portmany
  • La Papizza

Where to go on a night out…

The top places to go for a night out of for drinks that are a little bit more expensive…

  • Cafe Mambo
  • Ocean Beach
  • Ibiza Rocks

If you’re on a budget, like we were, and you’re looking for cheap and cheerful places to have a drink and some good music to dance to , head for the West End strip. The atmosphere is brilliant along there and there’s some great deals for drinks. Our two top favourite places there that I’d highly recommend are The Irish Tavern, an Irish bar with the best atmosphere, the best bunch of people and staff that you have the best laugh with, by far our favourite place, we ended up going back there for drinks and a dance every night. The other favourite was the 70s/80s/90s Bar, simply for the music, definitely a place to go for a dance after a few drinks if that’s the kind of music you’re into.


Now for some of the highlights of the week…

The main highlight for me had to be the parasail, one of the best things I’ve ever done. I can’t even put into words how incredible the view is when you’re up there , you could see all of San Antonio , stunning ! If you’re going on holiday soon or next year and there’s parasailing available , definitely put it on your list of things you have to do. For €80 each altogether including the photos and video footage of us up in the sky, we chose the sunset one for a little bit extra money , and it was so worth it for the view and the professional photos we got, and after everyone had been up in the sky , we pulled in and got a free drink and watched the sunset on the boat, such an amazing experience!


The other main highlight for me was when we went to Ushuaia to see David Guetta. It was an unbelievable night , again , so worth the money, €80 each. We also had transport there and back and a free bar before we left which came in handy because Ushuaia is one of the fanciest hotel beach resorts there that have performers, and as you can guess, very, verrrry expensive. It was one of the best nights I had over there and David puts on an amazing show , I would definitely go see him again. The only thing that would have made the night so much better is if I was taller so that I could see more , short people problems , ha!


We also spent a day in Ocean Beach, I fell in love with this place, it’s stunning ! We only experienced it during the day , which was pretty much a chilled vibe by the pool and 90s music playing , so if you’re into that kind of music , you’d love Kisstory , which was on the day we went. Cocktails by the pool with a pretty view and 90s music is right up my street so it was a great day , I definitely will go back again and rent one of the beds this time. This picture does the place no justice, or the cocktail, yummy ! and the male workers there , well , let’s just say they made the view even prettier.


One of the days we also went on Cirque De La Nuit boat party  and a pool party beforehand in Playa D’en Bossa and a ticket to one of the big nightclubs, which we didn’t end up using, but altogether it was really good for €80 each. The pool party was so good because it was SO hot that day, so the water was like heaven! The views on the boat were stunning and we stopped at a point where you could jump in and swim , and I’ve never seen clearer blue water , ever! it was a good day and again there was a free bar and male strippers serving them to you and entertaining everyone dancing and pouring drinks into people’s mouths, so funny at times haha. I wouldn’t want to experience it again though, it’s do some people, but it’s just not my thing. Sea sickness when the boat stopped was not fun , yuck! Anyone feel my pain ?


The last main highlight of the week was the last night …. booooo ! always the worst part 😦 we went to Cafe Mambo for food dinner and cocktails and we had seats right on the sea front, what more could you want really ? Amazing ! It is quite expensive but it’s definitely worth the money for what you get , especially the strawberry daiquiris , some of the best I’ve had ! The view is insane , and the best part , probably one of the best parts of the whole week , was when everyone goes down onto the rocks on the beach and watch the sunset , with the bars / restaurant all along what they call the sunset strip, playing music that makes the whole scene even more beautiful. The perfect way to end the holiday !


That’s pretty much it for the highlights , but there were some very funny moments that week, one of them being while you’re chilling on the beach and there’s a man strolling down the beach naked , every single time… as you do , ha ! From the pole dancing with strangers (with clothes on before you get any ideas haha) , to the many, many jägerbombs ( I blame the couple of workers at the Irish Tavern who we ended up friends with by the end of the week , for those and all the other shots and the mess they had me in , ooooops ! ha 😉 ) it was one of the best , funniest weeks and the memories will stay with me forever. I can’t wait to be back there next year! 🙂

I’m gonna insert some of my favourite photos from the week below , enjoy !

I hope you all enjoyed reading this , and be sure to let me know if you’ve been to Ibiza or plan on going , and about your experience. Leave a comment or get in touch on

Twitter – @CallMeLauraaaa

Instagram – lauraotoole_x

snapchat – lauraotoole_x

Thanks for reading , see you in my next post ! 🙂

Laura x



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